Live in Portugal: Reasons of Buying A Real Estate in Portugal


Portugal or the Portuguese Republic is a southern European country found on the Iberian Peninsula, which is the westernmost country located in mainland Europe. It is bordering Spain and bordered by the Atlantic ocean, where it has great influences on the Portuguese culture: grilled sardines and salt cod are national dishes. Portugal provides favorable conditions which is great for an investment. So if you have already been here for a holiday, why don’t you stay for good?

Portugal’s geographic location is extremely excellent. It is the meeting point between Africa, America and Europe, where international routes are centrally located. Lisbon is merely two and a half hours away from London and Paris via plane. Imagine yourself living in a country where you can find beautiful landscapes and rich biodiversity of cosmopolitan and vibrant cities, sandy relaxing beaches, golden mountains and plains and a diverse cultural heritage. Enjoy the Mediterranean climate where summers are dry and hot, and winters are mild. Portugal has more than a hundred freshwater species, ranging from giant catfish to small endemic and small species.

In Portugal you can enjoy water sports activities, nature tripping, play golf on the best golf courses, and discover incomparable wines, heritage and cuisine. A popular Portuguese cuisine is “caldo verde” which is a Portuguese soup made with shredded kale, chunks of chorizo and potatoes. A common fish recipe is salted cod “bacalhau” and the typical desserts are caramel custard and “arroz doce” or rice pudding with cinnamon. Portuguese people are friendly and gracious, welcoming all visitors with humility and respect. The good thing is a large number of people can speak foreign languages, particularly English.

The quality of life is at finest, with low-cost of living and great destination for new business ventures. Portugal is indeed one of the best countries for investing a real estate, because of its transparent and clear tax rules, with residence permits facilities and favorable income tax rates for special regime non-habitual residents. The range of property available in Portugal  like in comporta is very competitive and attractive, with high quality structures recognized by great architects around the world. Construction is becoming increasingly more developed and sustainable, and real estate is both safe for foreign and domestic investment. Living in Portugal is not far from near through a good real investment. Indeed, it is the best place to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Consult a professional real estate agent today and invest a property in Portugal! Enjoy your Portuguese escapade!


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